Hear what they're saying about FondX:

I have tried many different brands of fondant over the past few years. I am located 19 miles from the Gulf of Mexico so heat and humidity is always an issue with my cakes. I must say FondX is the BEST ready made fondant I've used. It holds up well in high humidity, does not develop "elephant skin", easy to roll out, takes color very well and evenly, & makes great gumpaste when Tylose is added. Highly recommend!
FondX is my new favorite fondant :). Have tried two other brands and by far, FondX tastes the best and is easiest to work with!
FondX is fantabulous!  I have successfully made fondant at home and purchased many other brands of fondant. Fondx is far better than everything I have worked with. It rolls well and have not had troubles with cracking/elephant skin. Since I am able to roll it thin, it blended well with the cake, people tried it and liked the taste - they ate it with the cake and didn't peel it off.
Love it!  Absolutely wonderful! Flavor and texture is divine! Best fondant that I have used!
Wonderful product! Ease of use, no elephant skin, tastes yummy, lots of working time and it eases into any nook and cranny of a carved cake. You can roll it very thin so a big savings right there. I have tried several brands and this is my favorite by far. FondX also takes color very well.
This fondant is by far the best, with great taste, easy to work with style, and beautiful texture & COLORS!
My favorite fondant!  FondX is our fondant of choice in our bakery! Easy to work with and very versatile!
I have used fondx for a few years now and love it. I recommend it to anyone.
Chaitra M.
My Favorite Fondant to work with.  It been since 4 years i started making fondant cakes. Have used a many brands, but FondX is competitively priced, easy to work and tastes good. I really recommend this to give it a try.
Before finding FondX, I refused to use fondant on cakes, unless it wasn't going to be consumed. However, 7 years ago, when introduced to FondX, I've been making fondant cakes ever since.
I have used fondant for years but only just recently started using FondX. Not only is it tasty, it is far more stable and easier to work with than many other fondant brands. I will definitely be using FondX as my main fondant from now on.
Fail Proof !  I have purchased and created delicious unforgettable designs with this product. 

It does not crack nor stretch to much. When used properly
It is just surpurb !
The look is smooth and satiny
and paired with my Signature Butter cake is wonderful.
Always loads of compliments from satisfied clients!
I love FondX Rolled Fondant.  I have used FondX for several years now. I have used a few others in the past, but FondX is my absolute favorite to work with and eat. It has a nice texture and it rolls out great.
This is the best stuff out there. I love it!
No going back!  I ordered this to keep on hand for an upcoming wedding cake because I wanted to be sure that the cake turned out extra nice. I (up until this point) always made my own fondant. After seeing how easy this fondant was to use, how much time it saved me, how beautifully it rolled out and how much the guests loved it...there's no going back! I doubt that I will ever pull out the marshmallows and powdered sugar again!
Johna M.

I absolutely love FondX. Great customer service and speedy delivery.

The best fondant have ever worked with.